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frankies my dear, you won’t give a damn

Frankies Pizza
50 Hunter Street, Sydney, NSW

My behavior on Frankies opening night was a bit out of character – I never drink beer straight from the bottle.


There is no doubting that Frankies is a cool place to be and I’m really not cool yet I still feel very¬†comfortable¬†there, more so than in either of the owners other bars – Shady Pines and the Baxter Inn. The front bar looks just like a dodgy pizza shop complete with red and white check table cloths, plastic ivy and black and white “customer” photos on the walls. The back bar is dark and dingy with bill posters on the walls for (mainly) 1970s rock bands like Led Zeppelin and the Who.

The list of beers is fantastic with ten rotating taps and a very extensive list of bottles put together by Jordan McDonald from the Local Taphouse. Jordan is a pretty extreme guy and the beers on the list cover every extreme you can think of from the Swedish Pistonhead Lager to Mikkeller Black Aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels. If you want to splash out have a jeroboam of Duvel – thank you Michael Doherty (@ozbeer_md.)

The venue possesses you. Possibly it’s because the Mikkeller comes in at almost 20% alcohol (twenty percent, that’s not a typo.) You suddenly don’t give a damn that all the drinks are served in plastic tankards. There is no natural light and before you know it you realise that it’s well past midnight.

There is something about this bar that makes you just straight up enjoy yourself.