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Real Ale in Sydney

I thought I should summarise the list of pubs with handpumps in Sydney. Remember they might not always meet the Campaign for Real Ale’s definitions of Real Ale but they all pump some splendid beers.

If you are only heading there because of the handpumps you should double check before going to ANY of them.

A fuller version of this can be found here https://beerwinebeer.com/2013/03/10/fistpumps-for-handpumps/

Harts Pub, the Rocks – two handpumps usually both running, sometimes one with cider, Rocks beers plus regular guests

Union Hotel, Newtown – two handpumps usually both running, Young Henrys and Murrays beers plus others

Royal Albert, Surry Hills – two handpumps usually both running, Young Henrys and Murrays beers plus others

4 Pines, Manly – one handpump, pretty regular but check ahead, officially real ale

Rubber Duckie Taphouse, Manly (previously Murrays at Manly) – two handpumps usually both running, Murrays beers

Flat Rock Beer Cafe, Naremburn – two handpumps, usully at least one running, beers brewed on premise

Young Henrys Brewery, Newtown – two handpumps, beers brewed on premises

Local Taphouse, Darlinghurst – one handpump, rotating guest beers (Australian Brewery, Riverside Brewery so far)

The Duck Inn, Chippendale – one handpump, Rocks beer, sometimes cider

Quarrymans, Pyrmont – two handpumps, one in use most of the time, Young Henrys beer so far

Petersham Bowling Club – one handpump, Young Henrys beer so far

Lord Dudley, Woolhara – one handpump, beers from the Badlands Brewery

Mojo Record Bar, City – one handpump, Young Henrys beer, only available Friday night and sometimes Saturday, check ahead

Redoak, City – one handpump, only occassionaly used, check before heading there although the other beers are worth a visit anyway

Bellvue Hotel, Paddington – real ale night every last Friday of the month with St Peters beer

Outside Sydney

Wig and Pen, Canberra – 6 handpumps with all beers brewed on premise

Albion Hotel, Newcastle – 2 handpumps, constantly changing beers

Grain Store, Newxastle – one handpump, Young Henrys and Murrays beers so far

Hunter Beer Co at Potters Hotel, Nalbuka, Hunter Valley – one handpump, only at weekends, beers brewed on premise

Let me know if you spot more handpumps in action in NSW (@wilsonscec on twitter or wawilson1969@bigpond.com)


My (Not Really) Near Death Extreme Beer Experience

When I see guys dressed up in Red Bull costumes jumping out of hot air balloons or walking a tightrope across the Grand Canyon I usually think “what an idiot.” Risking your life or serious injury for your hobby is just a little bit over the top.

I’m allergic to seafood, so when a local brewery in conjunction with one of my favourite beer websites brought out a beer made with oysters and mussels I didn’t plan to taste it. To be up front it wouldn’t kill me, the allergy is very unpleasant but not anaphylactic. But would I really want to go through it just to taste a beer…

Well, maybe…

Epi Pen at the Ready

Epi-Pen at the Ready

Murray’s and the Crafty Pint’s Auld Bulgin’ Boysterous Bicep has been getting some pretty good feedback. It first appeared at last year’s Beervana as part of a brewery and media collaboration competition. It won the competition by a long way. A blackboard with the judges scores showed almost unanimous perfect marks.

It sure sounded like my kind of beer. A 10% smoked Belgian stout with 200 Port Stephens oysters, 200 blue mussels and 200 green-lipped mussels. Well certainly the 10% smoked Belgian stout part sounded like my kind of beer. The rest I could probably do without.

bicep 1

Wish me luck

On the nose the smoke dominates with hints of coffee and chocolate. A hint of iodine with the smoke makes me think of  of Islay Whisky and I’m reminded of the Ayrshire coast where I spent many summer holidays in my youth. The taste is heavier than expected with thick treacle and rum and raisin Old Jamaica chocolate. To finish there is dry tobacco, a touch of salt, coffee and a quite fresh, lingering orange peel bitterness.

The beer is smooth and complex and every sip reveals more character. Every sip to the bottom of the glass. At some point I obviously decided that quality of the beer was worth the risk to my health. I could have just had a sip or two, made the tasting notes and hoped for the best, instead I downed every last drop.

bicep 3

So a couple of hours later and apart from feeling a bit itchy I’ve not had much of a reaction. It’s difficult to pinpoint any seafood character to the beer and I don’t think that I’m the only person happy with that. The beer is superb, a full bodied and full flavoured Imperial Stout that is worth seeking out. Kudos have to go to Shawn Sherlock at Murray’s and James Smith of the Crafty Pint.

I guess now I’m going to have to try Young Henry’s latest seafood beer, the brilliantly named Mother Shucka Oyster Stout…